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Lancelot in the episode ‘The Roman Wall’

William Russell in the Share Out

The magazine we ordered arrived. Obviously we bought it for the sole purpose of this page, and it’s gorgeous as expected. 

William Russell and Gloria Grahame in The Man Who Never Was


William Russell in Edgar Wallace Mysteries- Return to Sender

The Big Chance 1957

The Big Chance 1957

After leaving school, William volunteered to join the RAF. “I was already by then going to Oxford. In those days we did a short course which was half the week. We were playing at being airmen and we were playing at being undergraduates the other three days.” Eventually he joined the RAF full time before returning to Oxford to take a degree in English, although he admits. “At that time I wasn’t really concentrating on the work but on theatrical activities. In my day Oxford had the OUADS- the Oxford University Amateur Dramatics Society, and there’s- I hope its still going- The Experimental Theatre Club. There was also organisations within each college that you could join. At the very beginning I didn’t do any acting; the first thing I did was direct a play for my college.” By the time he completed the degree, William had opted to try a career in acting- but he met with some resistance at home. “I had a terrible row with my father because I was going to be an actor and it was a great struggle.”
William Russell talks about his education and start in acting (DWM, 1995)

William Russell (Credited as Russell Enoch) as the Duke of Gloucester in an episode of Robin of Sherwood (1986)

Lancelot in black and white.

Lancelot in colour.

William Russell in Return to Sender

Found this pic on twitter- https://twitter.com/tjpieraccini/status/475248578609577984/photo/1

Never seen it before and its gorgeous. *Swooning*


Favourite companion actor photos 3/?

William Russell