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A plaque honouring the first producer of Doctor Who, Verity Lambert, has been unveiled at London’s Riverside studios, by theDoctor Who Appreciation Society 

The plaque, which marks the achievements of Lambert as a Film and Television producer, will be on display at Riverside Studios until the venue closes for development in the autumn, when it will be placed into storage and then permanently mounted at the new Riverside media centre when completed. 

Verity Lambert was Doctor Who’s first producer and the first female drama producer at BBC Television. She oversaw Doctor Who from her appointment in June 1963 until the autumn of 1965, guiding the series to a successful launch and laying down the framework of the series which still running today. After she left Doctor Who her credits and reputation continued to rise and she became one of the best known players in the industry. She oversaw such iconic productions as Adam Adamant Lives, Budgie, The Naked Civil Servant, Rock Follies, Rumpole of the Bailey, Edward and Mrs Simpson, Reilly: Ace of Spies, Minder, GBH and Jonathan Creek

The plaque honouring Lambert was unveiled by Doctor Who’s first director Waris Hussein, in a ceremony attended by the two surviving members of the original TARDIS team, William Russell and Carole Ann Ford. The event included a screening of the drama based on the creation of Doctor Who, An Adventure in Space and Time and a compilation of interview material, previously unseen. 

Riverside studios in Hammersmith London, were used by the BBC from 1954-1974. Although the first Doctor Who stories were recorded at the nearby Lime Grove complex, the series used Riverside Studio 1 for a number of stories between 1964 and 1969. Verity Lambert produced stories recorded at the site include The Dalek Invasion of EarthThe RescueThe RomansThe Web PlanetThe Crusade and The Chase

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William Russell, gorgeous dish.


William Russell.

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I’d done a lot of television before Doctor Who, as a sort of dashing man of action, and this is what attracted Verity Lambert the producer. We had a long chat in the BBC bar and we got on very well. She was something very new to the BBC-all the people I’d worked with were about the age I am now, like old schoolmasters. And suddenly here was this attractive young woman. She explained that they were trying to create something different. I liked her, and the more she talked about it the more I liked the idea.
William Russell (SFX magazine, 2005)

'We used to have terrific arguments about the script. We were always re-writing 'I can't possibly say that, Ian doesn't talk like that! You can't make me say it.' The first day- the readthrough- of each new script was always fun. There was always an argument though. Sometimes it was quite serious.”

"Between who?"

"It’d be the new director whoever that was, arguing with us, really- Bill, Jackie, Carole and I. We’d already been on the phone to each other, discussing the various points we wanted altered. Sometimes we won, sometimes we didn’t, but it was always an interesting day. We made friends with the script editor, who became a sort of chum who we would take for drinks and say, ‘Now look, I’ve been dashing about shouting ‘look out!’ it’s time I did something more than that.’ Ian was an action man really, so I had to be in the action, and the action had to happen. When it wasn’t happening, I would complain bitterly. I’d say ‘Ian can’t just sit around, I want to go do something.’ I was always shooting off my mouth. I never felt shy about saying my bit, or what I felt about the part."

- William Russell being interviewed for Doctor Who magazine. (issue 448)


Pictures from the commentary recording of ‘An Unearthly Child’.

William Russell as Hephaestion in ‘Adventure Story’ 1961.

30 Day Summer Time Doctor Who Challenge- Day 17- Name a crossover that you’d love to see

Doctor Who/the Adventures of Sir Lancelot

We’d have loved to have seen either ‘Team Original’ or ‘team and Vicki’ land in Camelot where they run into Ian’s lookalike Sir Lancelot. Having William Russell play two men in it would be amazing and so much fun. Especially as William is brilliant in both of his most famous roles.

Lancelot takes a shine to Barbara, Ian and Lancelot are unsure of each other,and the Doctor annoys Merlin by saying magic isn’t real. Brian makes friends with Susan and also with Vicki who becomes Ian’s squire, posing as Victor like she did in ‘the Crusade’. Ian joins the tourneys and has to compete against his double! 

Basically we wrote a few stories of this already because we love the idea so much, and it’s totally something these teams would get caught up in. 

Sir Lancelot in ‘the Winged Victory’