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"As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves."- First Doctor.
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#Companion problems.

Dead-eye Steve



The Oliver Harper Trilogy

Artist: Simon Holub

Big Finish at it’s best. I wish there were more stories with this team.


Steven in pallete #66 for Shadowcat. Do not let the bad people hurt yourself.

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Companion sketch #11: Steven and Dodo (and HiFi).

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The Myth Makers

Steven and Sara

The ‘older’ companions of the First era.

Ian and Barbara, I only knew them briefly. They were travelling with the Doctor when I first met him. They were from Earth in the 1960’s, had stumbled in on the Doctor’s secret, and stumbled into his spaceship. And he’d kidnapped them, spirited them away in time and space rather than let that secret out. They were good people, kind and intelligent, and soon broke through the Doctor’s suspicion and fear. They even saved his life. He promised to take them home again but never quite managed to do it. He said he could never control where and when the TARDIS went, but I don’t think he ever really tried- he was too fond of them both. When Ian and Barbara finally used the Dalek time machine to get home, the Doctor had been distraught, not that he’d ever admit it.
Steven Taylor (The Perpetual Bond)

Love these five so much.