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"As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves."- First Doctor.
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The Doctor and Steven at the discotheque! 

Steven volunteers to make the last move of the game in ‘the Celestial Toymaker’ so that the Doctor and Dodo can escape. The Doctor of course won’t allow it.

So we wrote another fic (The Decision of the Time Traveller) and its now turned into a series with more hopefully to follow. The series is very creatively (not) named Steven Taylor and Christopher Marlowe lol. 

  • STEVEN: You ought to be ashamed of yourself!
  • VICKI: I don't see why! At least I've done something towards getting us out of here, which is more than you have.
  • STEVEN: And what chance have I had?
  • VICKI: Anyway, I thought he was rather nice.
  • STEVEN: Oh, you made that painfully obvious! And I think you might at least have had the decency to have saved me some food!
  • (After Vicki flirts with Troilus in the Myth Makers)

A wonderful and dramatic scene from ‘the Daleks’ Master Plan- Counter Plot’

The nature of man, even in this day and age, hasn’t altered at all. You still fear the unknown—like everyone else before you.
Steven Taylor, “The Ark (part two: The Plague),” Doctor Who (via duluozlegend)

STEVEN: I mean - aye.
 He’s just the extra bloke from ‘G’ Division, sir.
 Yeah, it’s alright…I’ll look after him.
 Well, if you know him, perhaps you can tell us what he’s doing in a police box?
 A what?!
 That police box across the yard - he claims to live in it.
 Oh, no.  Just a minute. It’ll be all right, just a minute.  No… it’s alright. You see he’s a funny fella, but I know how to handle him. We’re used to him down in ‘G’ Division.
 Very well. Well, get him out of here, and see that he steers clear of that police box.
 Right. I’ll do that.  Right, come on there, old man.
 Not much of ‘the old man’ either. What’s all this funny accent?
 Everybody else is doing it!

Steven plays policeman in ‘The Feast of Steven’. And everyone thinks the Doctor is barking mad.

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