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"As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves."- First Doctor.
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A wonderful and dramatic scene from ‘the Daleks’ Master Plan- Counter Plot’

Bret, Katarina… Sara…What a waste! What a terrible waste!

Bret, Katarina… Sara…
What a waste! What a terrible waste!

Steven and Sara

     ∟ TARDIS TEAMS (First Doctor/Steven Taylor/Sara Kingdom)

Steven: "(Mavic Chen) had sent his best security service agents to retrieve (the taranium core). Sara Kingdom had found us first. Steely, professional, and with a cold beauty, she wasn’t taking any prisoners. Then, chance had let us show her what Chen was really up to. She’d have no choice but to join us on the run. She changed. We had turned her whole world upside down and it had changed her for the better. We were fast becoming friends. We might almost have— But, there was never time."
    - The Anachronauts: Episode One
Steven: ”What about Brett? Katarina? …Sara.”
The Doctor: “What a waste. What a terrible waste.”
    - The Daleks’ Master Plan: The Destruction of Time
Steven: “Sara Kingdom was dead. I’d watched, unable to help. She aged to death before my eyes. We destroyed the Daleks, stopped them using the time destructor against the solar system. But, we’d lost our friend in the process.”
    - The Perpetual Bond: Episode One

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The First Doctor and his companions

The brave and loyal handmaiden Katarina, and the kickass Space Security Agent Sara Kingdom. 

Companion First + Last Words (x):

Sara Kingdom (The Dalek’s Master Plan Ep. 4 → The Dalek’s Master Plan  Ep. 12)

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Trippy 1960’s weirdness.

The Daleks’ Master Plan

- episode five; “Counter Plot”

Sara Kingdom chases the Doctor and Steven to a laboratory, where they are accidentally caught up in a molecular dissemination experiment and transported to the planet Mira… whilst gurning a bit and jumping up and down on the spot to some extent.

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The Sara Kingdom trilogy by Simon Guerrier

Starring Jean Marsh as Sara Kingdom

Sara Kingdom, an agent of the Space Security Service from Earth’s future, joined the Doctor and companion Steven aboard the TARDIS during their battle to stop the Daleks’ master plan. Sara was tragically lost on the planet Kembel… but she may yet rise from the ashes of that terrible, terrible waste. For, in a strange house on a drowned world, a disembodied voice that calls itself Sara Kingdom grants the wishes of those that come to visit. And she has a story to tell…

Also, The Companion Chronicles'The Anachronauts' by Simon Guerrier, read by Jean Marsh and Peter Purves as Sara and Steven.

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One era audio covers part 3


1960’s trippy weirdness.

The Daleks’ Master Plan

- episode five; “Counter Plot”

Sara Kingdom chases the Doctor and Steven to a laboratory, where they are all accidentally caught up in a molecular dissemination experiment and are transported to the planet Mira.

"It’s no coincidence that the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan is seen listening to pop music in her first appearance. A mystery to her teachers Ian and Barbara, she was a mixture of the ordinary and exotic.”

"With Doctor Who’s cast originally devised as a surrogate family, history teacher Barbara Wright was a sensible and strong matriarch, a figure common to 60’s dramas like Coronation Street.”

"When space orphan Vicki arrived in 1965, Doctor Who entered the swinging 60’s. She might have been shipwrecked in the future, but her startling mini dress and cheeky attitude were definitely 1965!”

"At home in the company of ‘the Avengers’ and 007, Sara Kingdom was as 1965 as the Beatles.”

Dodo Chaplet was a new spin on the surrogate granddaughter’s the Doc kept acquiring. With her fashionable, sometimes Northern accent, unisex haircut and Bob Dylan cap, she looked like she’d wandered into the TARDIS from the front row of a Rolling Stones or small faces gig.”

Some of the Who ladies from ‘the Romans’ DVD extra ‘Girls! Girls! Girls!’

In a time when it’s so easy to criticise these female characters by a modern perspective, we should remember how modern they really were in their time, how fun, and bright, and sexy, and intelligent they were, and they were all doing things they wanted to. They were a variety of personalities each with their own strengths and they should be praised with all the other female companions that followed them. These ladies started the tradition of great female companions.

THE DOCTOR:Well, I suppose you might say that I am a citizen of the universe…and a gentleman, to boot!

The Daleks’ Master Plan. The most epic Dalek serial yet!

First Doctor’s wonderful (And incredibly attractive) companions.