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"As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves."- First Doctor.
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The First Doctor and his companions

Heroic space pilot Steven Taylor

The First Doctor and his companions

The curious, enthusiastic, adorable Vicki.

The First Doctor and his companions

Dashing science master Ian Chesterton

The First Doctor and his companions.

Brilliant, brave, and beautiful Barbara.

The First Doctor and his companions granddaughter.

The wonderful, loyal Susan

Verity Lambert: Kids really loved him. And I think it was because he was so anti-authoritarian. He was sort of like a big kid some of the time. I think kids related to that. 

(From the Aztecs commentary)

Companion friendships.

The First Doctor and his companions.

Donald: Kill it, Sydney. Kill Doctor Who.

Think Sydney’s face says it all. 

Doctor Who in the Dodger Warp.

In celebration of half a century of Doctor Who.

Animated and Directed by Alex Creed & James O’Neill

Sound Design by Justin Dolby

Check out this awesome vid by the very talented thegoodwhovian (and friends!)

Some memorable moments from An Unearthly Child. Happy 50th Doctor Who! 

"The first thing I knew about the regeneration was when I arrived in the studio that day and they said to me ‘Oh we’re going to change William Hartnell into Patrick Troughton’ but nobody was exactly sure how they were going to do it and so it was a matter of the studio engineers and camera men all trying out new things."

Shirley Coward (Vision Mixer on the Tenth Planet) on filming the first regeneration.

The BBC have now confirmed the date and time of the 50th Anniversary drama An Adventure in Space and Time.

The ninety-minute drama starring David Bradley joins other programming that has already been confirmed for the anniversary:

Read the full article and schedule here 

The original and horrifying Cybermen.

(Wrote this two years ago but haven’t put on here for such a long time so felt like uploading it again.)

Once upon a day of glory, whilst I waited for Amy and Rory,

Reminiscing an awful story, a story that brought peace to war.

In my chair gently rocking, suddenly there came a knocking,

As of someone gently knocking, knocking at my TARDIS door

“Who’s there?” I shouted at the TARDIS door,

A silence there and nothing more….

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