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"As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves."- First Doctor.
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Verity: They used to be like us. Radiation has made them retreat inside these impregnable metal shells and now they hate everything that isn’t like them. All they know how to do is lash out.  The Doctor and his friends turn up and try to make them see differently, to understand other people and to make peace.  It’s good stuff! It’s strong stuff Sydney and I truly believe in it.

Verity Lambert fights to bring the Daleks to the screen.  

Real episodes vs. An Adventure in Space and Time.

THE DOCTOR:Well, I suppose you might say that I am a citizen of the universe…and a gentleman, to boot!

The Daleks’ Master Plan. The most epic Dalek serial yet!


Classic Who: How to deal with a Dalek

  1. Kick it
  2. Push it
  3. Throw a rock at it
  4. Drag it
  5. Throw a stick at it
  6. Jump on it
  7. Throw a stick at it THEN jump on it
  8. Rope it
  9. Mow it down with a truck

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The Daleks in London, earlier this morning! The Daleks invaded London earlier this morning and resistance was useless – insofar as it was impossible to resist the striking sight of the Doctor’s iconic enemies swarming through the capital!

But their presence was not part of a plan to enslave Earth – or at least that’s what the production team was telling us! The cast and crew of An Adventure in Space and Time were there to recreate some of the most memorable moments from Doctor Who’s early years – the scenes from The Dalek Invasion of Earth where the metal monsters imperiously glided through London, gloriously framed against the backdrop of famous sites like the Palace of Westminster.

Back in 1964 the photos of the ‘invasion’ became instant classics and over the years the imagery of those episodes has been referenced and updated on several occasions. But this is the first time that a production team has attempted to faithfully replicate the 1964 shoot using Daleks that were unique to that single adventure. The results look set to be stunning, as you can find out for yourselves when An Adventure in Space and Time - a one-off drama exploring the genesis of Doctor Who - debuts later this year.

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Clever set up to tease the audience who as of yet won’t know that the next serial the Daleks are returning!! Love the way Ian walks closer to camera and says ‘I hope’. 

Also watch where you’re putting your plunger in that last pic Dalek.


“My mistake, I meant static electricity powered trash cans with lasers.”

Been watching the 1st Doctor. That’s how it goes in my mind.

The Daleks go sightseeing, and Barbara, Dortmun and Jenny run through the deserted London streets. Think this whole sequence looks amazing, and love the Dalek symbols/graffiti tags they’ve got around.

Dalek Invasion of Earth (1964) and Stolen Earth (2008)

The serial where the Daleks attempt to pilot the Earth out of its orbit…and the episode where they finally do.

Some really great and very creepy shots of the Robo-men around London. The Robo-men were a great idea, the notion of the Daleks needing human slaves so they would kidnap you and convert you into these drones, is interesting. But they’re not advanced like Cybermen, they’re sort of just there to capture prisoners, and keep people in order. It’s quite horrifying to see them seem so human but with this metal helmet attached to their skulls.

And the cliffhanger! What a great image of the Dalek emerging from the Thames. Why the Dalek is taking a paddle, who knows? But it looks great!


Season 1, episode 2, part 3: The Escape

In which Classic Who foreshadows the Daleks.

Radio Times covers for ‘the Dalek Invasion of Earth’ and ‘the Chase’.


i *think* this is from the Daily Mail Boys And Girls Exhibition of the 60s… i *think*… either way it’s a bizarre photograph!!

haha wtf? Brilliant.


i *think* this is from the Daily Mail Boys And Girls Exhibition of the 60s… i *think*… either way it’s a bizarre photograph!!

haha wtf? Brilliant.

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History According to Doctor Who: When Daleks arrived on the Mary Celeste, the terrified passengers threw themselves overboard. (The Chase)


14. Favorite Susan Moment of Greatness?

It’s been a while since I’ve watched a serial with Susan in it, but there are a few moments that stick out. In The Sensorites Susan’s psychic abilities allow her a greater understanding of the Sensorites than everyone else. She then makes the decision to go with the Sensorites as a captive, even when everyone else protests. She really moves the story forward and acts as she sees necessary, and things are better for it. What’s really great is that Susan and her psychic abilities continue to be an important part in the story.

15. Favorite Historical Figure?

I thought about this quite a bit, and while looking through a list of serials I suddenly remembered Tavius from The Romans. I watched The Romans with my oldest brother and we both enjoyed it a lot, but Tavius stood out to us in particular. He was so hard to figure out. Doctor Who wasn’t exactly known for complex characters, and The Romans is a comedy that works partly because of a lack of complex characters, but in the midst of all this you have Tavius. Was he a good guy or a bad guy? What was motivating him? Well, it turns out he was a Christian, and suddenly everything made sense. For instance his willingness to buy a slave to give her a better life, but not being concerned over losing the value when she leaves. Instead, he is only concerned with the safety of the now-former slave. I think he was a great character.

16. Favorite Steven Badass Moment?

I’m having trouble thinking of one in particular. Steven is one of my favorite companions, partly because he was always outstanding, but by no means perfect. He was intelligent and had a big heart, but was also more likely to start a fight with an alien than reason with it. He has a lot of great moments, but if I have to choose one I might go with his attempt to charge the fake taranium core in The Daleks’ Masterplan. They needed a way to make the fake core look like the real one, and Steven had the only solution. The Doctor and Sarah both said it was too dangerous and they should find another way, but they couldn’t. Steven accidently encloses himself in a force field, unable to talk, barely able to move, but the core is charged. It actually works to their advantage as they daleks’ try firing on Steven, but he is protected from it. So, he did something dangerous, possibly stupid (and had been warned it was), but since there was no other way he went ahead and put himself at risk and saved the day. Part heroism, part stubbornness.