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"As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves."- First Doctor.
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They were interrupted  by the return of Ian and Barbara from the wardrobe room. The change in them was startling, especially in Barbara. She was dressed in a light green gown that was fastened tightly around her neck by small round buttons. It was all the more fetching for its lack of elaboration, and showed off Barbara’s figure to its full effect. The impression was set off by her hair. She had washed out the lacquer which she normally kept everything high, and had pinned it up in a chignon that rested beneath a fetching lace bonnet. Also, she had substituted her normal subtle layer of make-up with a fine dusting of white powder, and added a beauty spot and bright red lipstick.

"Barbara you look fabulous!" Vicki cried. She got to her feet and circled her friend, taking in every detail of her costume.

"What about me?" asked Ian. He gave a courtly bow, "Aren’t I fabulous too?"

He had chosen a distinctive grey doublet with puffed sleeves and a ruff. His grey leggings were a perfect fit, and were tucked into a pair of sturdy leather boots at the knee. Tucked under one arm was a wide-brimmed hat with a peacock’s feather on the front. 

"Ian you look like a hero!" Vicki enthused, "A proper d’Artagnan."

"Hmmm, a proper something else in my opinion." said the Doctor.

-Ian and Barbara dress for a trip to the Globe in 1605. (The Plotters novel)

Lancelot arrived in the post today. Unfortunately not the real Lancelot but the second best thing of a lovely annual. It doesn’t have any photos sadly but it does have beautiful illustrations and stories.