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"As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves."- First Doctor.
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Doctor Who: The First Wave


Oliver’s touching speech from “The First Wave” about Doctor’s first regeneration

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It is the story of a rock. […] It’s a very small rock. […] No, no, just a stone, the kind you’d pick up and skim across the lake. Not very large at all. But it was by the side of the path, and the Doctor picked it up. […]
At the time we were escaping from the Cave of Sculls. Cavemen were holding us captives, and we’d found a way of evading them. And we ran through the forest, but one of our pursuers caught up with us and was savaged by a wild beast. He lay there, weak from his wounds. Our choice was simple: to stay and help him and be recaptured, or to run on and save ourselves. […]
Barbara went to his aid. I stood still. Susan crouched down beside him as he cried out. And the Doctor… he’d picked up that rock. He was going to use it. I saw him heft it in his hand, and I knew – he’d dash the man’s brains out. A simple decision. Sometimes, in the Doctor’s head, you have to do something brutal and unpleasant in order to survive and escape. But I couldn’t do that. I stopped him. I stayed his hand, and we were recaptured. We escaped from the cave again, but not before more people had died, and we’d given them the secret of making fire. We’d cost lives, and we’d changed the entire history of a species. All because the Doctor had picked up a rock and I hadn’t let him use it. […]
The Doctor had identified a solution, one that was efficient, and swift, and merciful. A caveman was piteously wounded, in a time without medicine. It was the best solution.
But you stopped the Doctor from using it, that’s the point.
And it changed the Doctor. I challenged him, possibly the only time in his life he’d been questioned about what was right and wrong – by a tiny figure, a mayfly, a simple stupid human. And you know what he did? For the first time in his life, he looked away, he blustered, he was caught out, he couldn’t boldly say what it was that he’d been planning on doing. Because it would have been wrong. Not just in our eyes, but in his own. The Doctor had changed, all because of a rock.
Richer and richer, Ian. Not just because of a rock, but because of you.
Being a teacher is so difficult. Scientists in my time say that quantum physics is such a hard subject to explain because the mere action of observing a particle changes its behavoiur. The Doctor comes from a race of observers. I know so little about them, but I know that he wandered the universe watching time, but never changing it. But I had changed him.
Ian Chesterton, The Time Museum (via sleepymarmot)
I always liked Steven. He was like a big brother. We were both space travellers before we even met the Doctor so that gave us a sort of bond. And because I was smaller than him, it meant I could boss him about and get away with it.
Vicki (Frostfire)

There’s going to be a First Doctor companion chronicle boxed set next year. *flails*

New for June 2015 will be the First Doctor Boxed Set, the latest in our hugely popular Doctor Who: Companion Chronicles range. Four stories across four discs, read by fan favourites from the era and accompanied by a second actor.



The Oliver Harper Trilogy

Artist: Simon Holub

Big Finish at it’s best. I wish there were more stories with this team.

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Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles: The Library of Alexandria


"So you were out on some sort of date?" chided the Doctor.

"Of course not," said Susan. "Ian would never go out on a date."

"Why not?"

She stared at me in horror.

"No, it wasn’t a date, but you were out with a woman," said Barbara, cold fury in her eyes.

She was angry because I’d worried them, I thought. “We were talking about books and physics and teaching. Hypatia is a teacher.”

"Hypatia?" said Barbara. "Oh, Ian. How could you be so stupid?"

I was surprised by her tone. “I’m sorry, I should have let you all know where I was.”

"I don’t care where you were," said Barbara. "Of all the women."

"Barbara has every right to be jealous," said the Doctor.

"I’m not jealous."

- The Library of Alexandria

Another cover released for the Early Adventures

  • Sida: Was Dodo your girlfriend?
  • Steven: No, a friend...I think...
  • Sida: She must have been more than that, you named a daughter after her.
I was angry and sad for several days afterwards, but Barbara brought me round. She was always so wonderfully rational. Then I realised that, of course, although we may have been wanderers… Barbara and I were never alone. Like the Doctor had Susan, I had companionship from someone who understood me and cared for me, and who I understood and cared for too. And that wasn’t so bad. It kept us sane. It was vital. In fact, it was lovely
Ian Chesterton (The Wanderer)

To celebrate the beautifulAn Adventure in Space and Time, which will be on tonight at 9pm on BBC2, you can revisit the era of First Doctor William Hartnell through the eyes of his companions, as Carole Ann Ford (Susan), William Russell (Ian), Maureen O’Brien (Vicki), Peter Purves (Steven) and Jean Marsh (Sara) relate unseen adventures set between the TV stories. For one day only, you can buy the following (download only)Doctor Who Companion Chroniclesfor £5:

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The Wanderer
The Time Museum

You can also getDoctor Who - The Lost StoriesThe First Doctor Box Setfor £15, andLost Story The Masters of Luxor, originally intended to beDoctor Who's second adventure, for £10. But hurry; you only have 24 hours!

Guys, Big Finish have One era goodies on sale for one day only! 



The City Trader

Is it because of the effect Barbara and I had on the Doctor? Is that it? Before he met us he was just an observer, a selfish onlooker, only getting involved if he had to save his own skin, but we changed him. We made him better than that. We made him noble. We helped him save lives.
Ian in the Time Museum

Listened to this yesterday. Loved it. Another great One era companion chronicle. Susan was fabulous in this story. A really good setting, some really dramatic moments and it worked really well as a prequel to her adventures with Ian and Barbara.