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"As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves."- First Doctor.
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The Oliver Harper Trilogy

Artist: Simon Holub

Big Finish at it’s best. I wish there were more stories with this team.

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Big Finish Productions,
Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles: The Library of Alexandria


"So you were out on some sort of date?" chided the Doctor.

"Of course not," said Susan. "Ian would never go out on a date."

"Why not?"

She stared at me in horror.

"No, it wasn’t a date, but you were out with a woman," said Barbara, cold fury in her eyes.

She was angry because I’d worried them, I thought. “We were talking about books and physics and teaching. Hypatia is a teacher.”

"Hypatia?" said Barbara. "Oh, Ian. How could you be so stupid?"

I was surprised by her tone. “I’m sorry, I should have let you all know where I was.”

"I don’t care where you were," said Barbara. "Of all the women."

"Barbara has every right to be jealous," said the Doctor.

"I’m not jealous."

- The Library of Alexandria

Another cover released for the Early Adventures

  • Sida: Was Dodo your girlfriend?
  • Steven: No, a friend...I think...
  • Sida: She must have been more than that, you named a daughter after her.
I was angry and sad for several days afterwards, but Barbara brought me round. She was always so wonderfully rational. Then I realised that, of course, although we may have been wanderers… Barbara and I were never alone. Like the Doctor had Susan, I had companionship from someone who understood me and cared for me, and who I understood and cared for too. And that wasn’t so bad. It kept us sane. It was vital. In fact, it was lovely
Ian Chesterton (The Wanderer)

To celebrate the beautifulAn Adventure in Space and Time, which will be on tonight at 9pm on BBC2, you can revisit the era of First Doctor William Hartnell through the eyes of his companions, as Carole Ann Ford (Susan), William Russell (Ian), Maureen O’Brien (Vicki), Peter Purves (Steven) and Jean Marsh (Sara) relate unseen adventures set between the TV stories. For one day only, you can buy the following (download only)Doctor Who Companion Chroniclesfor £5:

Here There Be Monsters
The Transit of Venus
Home Truths
The Drowned World
The Guardian of the Solar System
The Suffering
The Perpetual Bond
The Cold Equations
The First Wave
The Anachronauts
The Rocket Men
The Wanderer
The Time Museum

You can also getDoctor Who - The Lost StoriesThe First Doctor Box Setfor £15, andLost Story The Masters of Luxor, originally intended to beDoctor Who's second adventure, for £10. But hurry; you only have 24 hours!

Guys, Big Finish have One era goodies on sale for one day only! 



The City Trader

Is it because of the effect Barbara and I had on the Doctor? Is that it? Before he met us he was just an observer, a selfish onlooker, only getting involved if he had to save his own skin, but we changed him. We made him better than that. We made him noble. We helped him save lives.
Ian in the Time Museum

Listened to this yesterday. Loved it. Another great One era companion chronicle. Susan was fabulous in this story. A really good setting, some really dramatic moments and it worked really well as a prequel to her adventures with Ian and Barbara. 

It’s ridiculous the things you think of when you’re running out of hope. I kept worrying about the post that’d be piling up at my digs in Fenbury Street. My landlady Mrs. Russell would’ve re-let my room by now. I’d be a missing person, a disgrace who ran off with the history teacher. And there was the 5th form’s homework that I hadn’t marked, I was never late with that. But now…it was all music I no longer had to face.
Ian Chesterton (The Flames of Cadiz)
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Big Finish Productions,
Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles: The Flames of Cadiz (Disc 1)

Ian’s opening narration in The Flames of Cadiz.


I can’t wait for this. I really need to renew my Companion Chronicles subscription.

Whoa. Looking forward to getting this.

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Big Finish,
The Companion Chronicles


One of the most profound life lessons as told by Ian Chesterton. All teachers should take note.


Doctor Who: Short Trips - Rise and Fall (complete adventure)

bigfinish put out some free audio to entice you ;)

If anyone hasn’t listened to this one, it’s great! It’s a really interesting story and William Russell is brilliant as usual.