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Companion sketch #8: some love for the Hartnell era with Oliver Harper (from the Big Finish audios) plus Polly and Ben.

Ben reluctantly attacks a Cyberman in Tenth Planet


One Era Meme → Six Relationships (Romantic or Platonic)

Ben and Polly

Oh Ben.

lol, love it!


First Era guys


Michael Craze
b. November 29, 1942- ∞

I will always remember Michael Craze as his role as Ben Jackson on Doctor Who (1966-1967). His adorable charm as Ben, made him one of my favourite companions. I still wish he was here today to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, and his 71st birthday. We miss you Michael. 

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Parallel- Operation destroy Fred.

Ian leads a Dalek into a trap in The Chase, and Ben leads a Cyberman into a trap in The Tenth Planet.

All warm and cosy in their winter gear.

Action Ben.

Ben Jackson in the Tenth Planet