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Michael Craze
b. November 29, 1942- ∞

I will always remember Michael Craze as his role as Ben Jackson on Doctor Who (1966-1967). His adorable charm as Ben, made him one of my favourite companions. I still wish he was here today to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, and his 71st birthday. We miss you Michael. 

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Parallel- Operation destroy Fred.

Ian leads a Dalek into a trap in The Chase, and Ben leads a Cyberman into a trap in The Tenth Planet.

All warm and cosy in their winter gear.

Action Ben.

Ben Jackson in the Tenth Planet

Cutie trio.

Sweaty intense Ben! Really love Michael’s acting, we always feel really caught up in whatever he’s going through. Because Polly’s mind has been taken over at this point, it really is Ben who gets to shine and we follow him as he tries to help stop WOTAN. He’s very strong in his first story, the way he refuses to give up on Polly and when he does his little detective act on the Doctor’s wishes and shouts at Sir Charles to listen to him. Not only is Ben lovable and hilarious at times, he always manages to make us feel sad when he’s desperate.

When all the scientists and executives are working away, Ben’s getting involved in the action and he’s the one showing how really concerned he is that London is going to be attacked. We’re instantly drawn to Ben as a character because we feel right at home watching him, he reminds us of a lot of people we know, and he’s the every man and a dependable gentleman and we wish there were more Ben’s on TV. He’s great! He’s definitely in our top companions along with Polly.

When Polly met Ben.

DOCTOR: Oh yes, yes! You may know where you are, my dears, but not when! Oh, I can foresee oodles of trouble!

The Smugglers. Ben and Polly’s first trip in the TARDIS sees them land in 17th Century Cornwall- with pirates, double-crossing- and everyone out to get Avery’s gold!

KRIMPTON: I’m human! There’s nothing more important than human life. Machines cannot govern man! 

The War Machines. The TARDIS lands in 1966 London to find a super computer WOTAN which is set upon ruling the world!

Telesnaps from ‘the smugglers’

Little does he know…