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"As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves."- First Doctor.
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William Hartnell playing dress up.

William Hartnell aged 20.

Happy Birthday William Hartnell! 8th January 1908.

Bill: Look at us now, our arses are in butter.

"There were a couple of nice little details I hadn’t heard.  William Russell told me of a phrase that Bill used when he was celebrating their success..’our arses are in butter!’ so obviously that went straight in"  -Mark Gatiss describing little touches in ‘An Adventure in Space and Time.’

Dalek Vocieover (distant) He is becoming delirious! I do not understand his words. He is becoming delirious!

A wonderfully effective scene where an ill William Hartnell looks in the mirror, stares at his tired face, and we hear the creepy distant voices of the Daleks saying these lines.

In the drama we have Bill getting shirty with the roboman actor. We understand that this was used in the drama to show how heartbroken Bill was that Carole was leaving and we love the way the Roboman shrugged him off and went ‘What’s wrong with you?’, it was a very amusing scene.

But we love it that there is evidence that in real life (the bottom pics are capped from one of Carole Ann Ford’s own video she recorded on her last episode), William Hartnell is seen to be mucking about on set, teasing the Robomen, smiling, and joking, and we wish this could have been reflected more in the drama.

Bill: We must all get back to the TARDIS! Look out! Run! EXTERMINATE!

“You know, I couldn’t go out into the high street without a bunch of kids follwing me. I felt like the Pied Piper” -William Hartnell.

The children adored him. 

Alan: Please Dr. Who can I please have your autograph? 

Bill: Now then what’s this? An autograph?

Alan: Teacher said it’d be alright.

Bill: Then that must make you a very special little boy.

Alan: Thank you….please Doctor?

Bill: What is it?

Alan: When are the Daleks coming back?

Bill: Daleks? They’re taking over the ruddy world.

Bill signs an autograph for a very sweet and polite little boy.

Dat costume.

William Hartnell, wife Heather, and their grandchildren Paul and Judith. (Picture from Hartnell’s biography)

Bill: We’ve really got something here, they like us!

"I remember Bill coming into rehearsal one afternoon with a copy of the evening standard. ‘There we are’ he said, and opened the paper to a cartoon. It was at the time when Britain was sort of thinking about joining the common market, and General de Gaulle had pronounced on it. And there was this cartoon of de Gaulle as a Dalek saying ‘Non!’ With that, you felt we would run and run. When you’re being satirised in a newspaper, you know you’re a success!" - William Russell, DW magazine.

Bill: I’m frightened you see. I’ve never really done anything like this before. The pressure, the schedule, and all those ruddy words.

Verity: I’m here for you Bill.

Bill: Promise?

Verity: Every step.

The Verity Lambert and William Hartnell moments in the drama were extremely touching.

Bill: I need time to plot out all the buttons on the controls, all the switches and dials.  I need to know what they all do. What if I press something to open the doors and next week I use it to blow us all up? You must see that Verity. All the children will spot it, you see.

(An Adventure in Space and Time)

"He made the TARDIS real for him, he worked out what every button, every switch did on the console so that he could use it realistically." -Jessica Carney (William’s granddaughter)

"He tried to understand the TARDIS as far as he could and he devised a way of operating all the switches to keep continuity" - William Russell.

The Doctor, William Hartnell, and the loving Granddaughters:

Judith: Who’s Susan?

Bill: My Granddaughter.

Judith: I’m your Granddaughter!

Bill: Yes of course you are darling, but she’s my Granddaughter on the story on the television.

(An Adventure in Space and Time)

"Most Doctor Who fans will know that the First Dr. Who had a granddaughter on screen, Carole Ann Ford. But in real life he had a real granddaughter…me!"- Jessica (Judith) Carney talks about her Grandfather Bill on the ‘Space Musuem’ DVD extra ‘My Grandfather, the Doctor.’