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"As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves."- First Doctor.
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Doctor Who - The Romans (1965)

Part 1: The Slave Traders

Barbara regretting her abrupt career as Ian’s hair stylist.

Vicki being unimpressed by the Doctor’s dramatic decision.


One Era Meme → Seven Serials

The Romans

30 Days of Summer Time Doctor Who- Day 5-  What’s your favourite episode serial?

The Romans

DOCTOR: Oh, what zest, what youthful exuberance! Try not to look at them, child, their outburst of energy could make you go dizzy!
VICKI: Barbara, we went to Rome. We met Nero! They all thought the Doctor was a musician and they gave a concert and all these people were…
BARBARA:Vicki, listen, listen…
DOCTOR: My dear Barbara. The young lady doesn’t want to listen to people who have been idling away their days.
BARBARA:I haven’t been idling!
DOCTOR: Well, now you’ve had a nice long holiday, I’m sure you can’t wait to get back to the TARDIS, hmm?
IAN: If you let us get a word in edgeways, we’d…
DOCTOR: It’ll have to keep. Have a grape!

IAN: Well, how do you like that?
BARBARA: Oh well. Even if we had told them, I don’t think they’d have believed us.
IAN: No. Said we were dreaming.
BARBARA: Oh, it isn’t fair, Ian, is it?
IAN: No it is not! Though, got a funny side to it, hasn’t it?

It was hard to pick just one out of fifty years worth of great serials/episodes, but ‘the Romans’ never fails to make us laugh, and is purely brilliant from start to finish. Sit back, relax, and enjoy ‘the Romans’.


30 Days of Doctor Who
Day 4 (June 24):
 Who has been your favourite historical appearance? 
                ↳Emperor Nero

Delos: You’re my friend, remember that. But as he says, at least this way one of us has a chance.

Ian: By killing the other!

Friends Ian and Delos are ordered to fight one another in the arena in ‘the Romans’

Barbara in ‘the Romans’


Favorite Doctor Who episodes: the First Doctor → The Romans

Isn’t it strange to think that people will read about that in books for thousands and thousands of years and here am I sitting here actually watching it.

The Romans and the Web Planet.

Nero gives Barbara the gold bracelet in Rome, and she wears it in her next story. Vicki of course assumes that any jewellery would be a present from Ian! The gold bracelet is also used in the Web Planet to take hold of Barbara and control her. Unfortunately her gift from a Caesar is destroyed on the planet. Guess Ian will have to buy her a new one and replace his missing gold pen at the same time.

"Come along lazy bones"- the Doctor