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"As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves."- First Doctor.
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First and Susan :)

IAN: Just a minute. You say we’ve gone back in time?
DOCTOR: Yes, quite so.
IAN: So that when we go out of that door, we won’t be in a junkyard, in London, in England, in the year 1963…

The magical moment the first ever companions step outside the TARDIS for their first ever adventure in time and space.

This fic was meant to be short but whoops. Ian, Barbara, One, and Susan being all family like.

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His face suddenly clouded over. “Susan? Who told you about Susan?”

"Barbara did." Vicki suddenly felt as if she’d been thrown on the defensive. "She said that Susan was your granddaughter, and she left the TARDIS to get married."

The Doctor stood. “Yes, Susan was my granddaughter, if such terms can be applied to beings like us. I loved Susan. I loved her very much. And now that she has gone, I miss her more than you will ever know. I feel that I am…” 

"Alone?" Vicki suggested gently.

The Doctor nodded. “Alone,” he confirmed. “When I left, she came with me. She could have stayed, but she felt that I needed looking after.” The Doctor’s face was suddenly haggard. “Although she was sweet, and guileless, and innocent, she was the closest thing to a conversational partner of my own level. There were things that we could talk about that would be meaningless babble to…” he shot Vicki a guilty glance. “…to anybody else. She was the one person who understood.”

"Understood what?" Vicki whispered.

"Who I am," the Doctor said, not meeting her gaze. "Why I left. Where I was going. And now…"

-Vicki asks about Susan (The Empire of Glass)

team One being adorable in The Sensorites

James Stirling: Funny, I get the impression they don’t know where they’re heading for. Come to that, do any of us?

Early Doctor Who and the theme of wandering.

The Doctor and Ian’s relationship in a nutshell.

Reign of Terror memories. 

Susan? He knew. He knew you could never leave him.

(via steventaylors)

The First Doctor and his companions granddaughter.

The wonderful, loyal Susan

John Gorrie (Dir): She’s such a practical girl, Susan, so sensible. That’s what I love about her- so alive, and on the ball, and great.

(Later, talking to Carole Ann)

I think it’s a great part. I think you do it absolutely splendidly!

(From ‘The Keys of Marinus’ commentary)

Fluffy fic for cheering up purposes. The Doctor takes Susan, Vicki, and Dodo to an alien museum.

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"I wanted Susan to have a crush on him. I wanted to be allowed to have a crush on my teacher, I mean he was a gorgeous hunk let’s face it, she would have done." 

(Carole Ann Ford, Dalek Invasion of Earth commentary)