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"As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves."- First Doctor.
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K and C’s favourite Doctor Who episodes/serials (In no particular order)

Father’s Day

A simple story about Rose saving her father’s life and having to deal with the consequences of that choice. It’s a beautiful episode filled with powerful and emotional character moments, as well as moments of light relief thrown in.  Rose’s interactions with the father she never really knew are heartbreaking, and the story shows how much we would do to save someone we love. 

Another aspect we love is that the Doctor never told Rose how everything could be fixed, he knew that Pete’s sacrifice would save everyone and yet he tried to come up with another alternative, not wanting to tear Rose from her Daddy one more time. 

The moment where Rose cradles her Dad and Jackie tells young Rose that a girl was with him, well that was beautifully done. Overall its just a great character drama and a story about meddling with time, and having to deal with the choices you make.

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The Heart of the TARDIS.

Edge of Destruction (1964), and Boom Town and Parting of the Ways (2005)

Just love these similarities between the way the Doctor treats Chesterfield Ian and Ricky Mickey. 

Ok, under a cut, because we started chatting about what we thought and then this ended up being over a 1000 words. This is just our opinion and thoughts btw.

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"In the 2005 series both Ken Boak (director of Rose) and Euros Lyn (Director of End of the World) followed Waris Hussein’s (Director of first ever episode An Unearthly Child) lead.  Rose’s first entrance to the TARDIS makes use of a remarkably similar shot composition to Barbara’s first entrance: Rather than a shot of the striking new TARDIS set, the first thing we see is a close up of Rose’s bewildered reaction.  Similarly for Rose’s first journey into the far future, Euros Lyn demonstrates thoughtful attention to the scene’s dramatic potential rather than rushing to impress us with the spectacle of a future world." -David Butler (time and relative dissertations in space)

We were just watching ‘Rose’ and ‘The End of the World’ and even though we have seen them dozens of times, we really felt we watched it properly, analytically. Just love the similarities between Rose’s first entrance and how the show kicks off as it did in 1963 focused on drawing the audience in through the eyes of the companion(s) and then introducing you to the mysterious Doctor.  Rose’s character is so fantastic in End of the World, she is afraid, she questions the Doctor, she has a culture shock just like Ian and Barbara do when they realise they are on Skaro.

She is so real.  Some people are so unfairly cruel of her but we really miss the subtle emotion she and her years on Who brought to the show.  Just love that one of the first things she did was just phone her Mum to see if she was ok.  We feel sometimes the new era misses the family connection.  Ian and Barbara always wanted to go home and although Rose wanted to get out there, she always carried her passion for her planet with her, she would never forget her home. We love it when the programme connects us to Earth, our beloved home.

also, the comparison of One and Nine is great too. They both have a real sense of danger and mystery and Rose mellows Nine over time just as Ian and Barbara do with One. Anyway didn’t really mean to ramble tonight but we got rather emotionally involved in Doctor Who again and we don’t get a chance to talk about the new series a lot.

As we love teams on the TARDIS so much, here’s a nice selection.

Yeah of course, I play around then I bring ‘er to meet the missus’, silly cow.

- Pete Tyler to Jackie (Father’s Day)

We’re watching Father’s Day, haven’t seen it for a while. Really miss this kind of beautiful storytelling. love the characters, the humour, the heartfelt idea, love Shaun Dingwall and the fact that Rose does something the Doctor can’t understand just so she can see her Dad.