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"As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves."- First Doctor.
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Companion sketch #28: Katarina


Companion sketch #28: Katarina

Lovely Companions (in no particular order) part 5

Bret, Katarina… Sara…What a waste! What a terrible waste!

Bret, Katarina… Sara…
What a waste! What a terrible waste!

The First Doctor and his companions

The brave and loyal handmaiden Katarina, and the kickass Space Security Agent Sara Kingdom. 


I love finding rare photos.
This is a photo of Katarina taking care of Steven after the battle of Troy in the Doctor Who story “The Myth Makers”.


I love finding rare photos.

This is a photo of Katarina taking care of Steven after the battle of Troy in the Doctor Who story “The Myth Makers”.

The First time…   a companion dies. (4th December 1965)

BRET VYON: I can’t sacrifice everything for the sake of that one girl!
STEVEN: Listen, without us you wouldn’t have got off Kembel at all, and nothing’d be worth bothering about!
BRET VYON: All right, so we all go back together. But without me, I doubt if you’d have got this far either.
STEVEN: Yes, all right, but I won’t let you hurt Katarina.

STEVEN: She pressed the wrong button, Doctor.
DOCTOR: She may have wanted to, dear boy. She wanted to save our lives.

Katarina was a handmaiden in Ancient Troy before she began her short-lived journey with the Doctor and Steven. Believing the Doctor was Zeus and the TARDIS a temple, she always had faith in the Doctor- eventually giving her life for him and Steven to carry on the fight against the Daleks. 

THE DOCTOR:Well, I suppose you might say that I am a citizen of the universe…and a gentleman, to boot!

The Daleks’ Master Plan. The most epic Dalek serial yet!


Doctor Who: The Companions

Katarina (1965)

“This is not Troy. This is not even the world. This is the journey through the beyond.”



She wanted to save our lives, and perhaps the lives of all other beings of the solar system. I hope she found perfection.

- The Doctor

Played by Adrienne Hill 1965

First appearance: The Myth Makers

Last appearance: The Daleks’ Master Plan

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First Doctor’s wonderful (And incredibly attractive) companions.



I just opened submissions and I’m about ready to start drawing the companions and writing about them. Now, January is, of course, the First Doctor’s month and I’m simply starting right from the beginning.

I need people to send me some love for all the First Doctor’s Companions! So if you really, really love any of (or all!) the First Doctor’s companions:

  • Susan Foreman
  • Barbara Wright
  • Ian Chesterton
  • Vicki
  • Steven Taylor
  • Katarina
  • Sara Kingdom
  • Dodo Chaplet
  • Ben Jackson
  • Polly

… now is the very best time to show them your love! For more information on the project, take a look at this post and tumblog I’ve created for the project.

~ Lots of Whovian love Louise, NotJustaBook

Putting this out again - the One era really needs more love, guys!

We may end up doing all of them, we love them all so much! But yeah, anyone else wanna spread some love for the One era guys? :)