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How about a bunch of photos of adorable people?

Jacqueline on her wedding day

The Blue Parrot (1953) and The Big Chance (1957)

Jacqueline Hill and William Russell being beautiful.

William Russell: That was a lovely example of Jackie taking a scene. Really her characterisation was wonderful. She took control of the scene and you totally believed it.

(From the Aztecs commentary)

Toby Hadoke (Mod) (about William Russell and Jackie Hill) you two work together brilliantly.

Chris Barry (Dir) Marvellous pair.

Toby: Looks like a lot of fun there. So this rapport was geniune I take it?

William: Oh yes.

Christopher: I’ve forgotten what relationship yours was in the story.

William: Well it was always teetering on the edge of being a romance.

Toby: We like to think that when they left the Doctor there was a future between them.

William: You think so? yes.

Toby: I hope so.

William: End of the chase eh? Maybe.(William laughs)

- From the Romans commentary.

Gorgeous Jackie in ‘the Blue Parrot’.

Gorgeous Jackie in ‘the Blue Parrot’.

Jacqueline Hill in the Blue Parrot (1953)

Jacqueline Hill and Dermot Walsh in the Blue Parrot (1953)


Happy Birthday Jacqueline Hill (17 December 1929 - 18 February 1993)

Happy Birthday Jacqueline Hill (17th December 1929)

Remembering Jackie on her birthday. xx


Jemma Powell as Jacqueline Hill in An Adventure in Space and Time (image from the Tragical History Tour)


Jemma Powell as Jacqueline Hill in An Adventure in Space and Time (image from the Tragical History Tour)

Such an attractive bunch. 

Sadly Jacqueline Hill is no longer with us so I feel like the film is, in part, a real tribute to her. There aren’t any interviews with her available, so I asked Carole Ann Ford what she was like. She told me that Jacqueline was often mistaken as being aloof and cold, but actually she was quite shy. That’s something I can really empathise with. And it’s very flattering to be asked to play her- she was so very beautiful.
Jemma Powell talks about playing Jacqueline Hill/Barbara Wright in An Adventure in Space and Time (From DWM)

Jackie looking stunning in Tales of the Unexpected 1983.

William Russell- I decided after Christmas that I wanted to move on. I talked to Jackie about it, and she said ‘I think I’d like to go too’, and I said ‘I’ve got an idea that we could do a little tour’. And so we set up a little tour of ‘Separate Tables’ by Terence Rattigan, and we opened at the Grand Theatre Leeds three weeks after we finished Doctor Who.”

The End of the Chase and goodbye to both Ian and Barbara, and William and Jackie.