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"It was a deliberate decision. I’m a restless soul, I suppose. I never like to stay too long in one thing and just wanted to get out. […] Poor Bill was horrified, he couldn’t understand what I was doing and why I wanted to go. I said ‘Well Bill, it’s part of my nature’ I’m a butterfly if you like; I like to do a bit of film and a bit of theatre…I don’t like it when I suddenly sort of find myself in a nine to five job that’s going on and on, and that’s what happened with Doctor Who."

Jacqueline Hill’s character Barbara left the series at the same time. “That was entirely a coincidence. I said that I would leave and I think Jackie wanted to spend more time at home and she wanted to have children. She started thinking about it and decided it would be a rather good idea if we went at the same time. […] When I knew that Jackie was going I said, ‘Why don’t we do a play together?’ We did a tour of ‘Separate Tables’. We started in Leeds and it was great fun. Inevitably the posters declared ‘featuring the stars of television’s Doctor Who’

- William Russell on leaving Doctor Who (DWM, 1995), and the poster for Separate Tables:

Dermot Walsh and Jacqueline Hill in the Blue Parrot (1953)

Jacqueline Hill in the Blue Parrot (1953)

Jacqueline Hill in The Blue Parrot (1953)

An early audio recording of a TV drama, starring future Doctor Whocompanion Jacqueline Hill, has been unearthed by the film’s director. 

The play Requiem for a Heavyweight, is notable for also featuring the first lead performance by the future James Bond, Sean Connery as well as an early performance by Michael Caine

The play was broadcast on 31 March 1957, performed live on BBC Television as part of the Sunday-Night Theatre series. It was written for US television in 1956 by The Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling where it starred Jack Palance in the lead role….

Even though its only the audio that’s been found, its pretty nice to hear news of something of Jackie’s work being discovered. 

How about a bunch of photos of adorable people?

Jacqueline on her wedding day

The Blue Parrot (1953) and The Big Chance (1957)

Jacqueline Hill and William Russell being beautiful.

William Russell: That was a lovely example of Jackie taking a scene. Really her characterisation was wonderful. She took control of the scene and you totally believed it.

(From the Aztecs commentary)

Toby Hadoke (Mod) (about William Russell and Jackie Hill) you two work together brilliantly.

Chris Barry (Dir) Marvellous pair.

Toby: Looks like a lot of fun there. So this rapport was geniune I take it?

William: Oh yes.

Christopher: I’ve forgotten what relationship yours was in the story.

William: Well it was always teetering on the edge of being a romance.

Toby: We like to think that when they left the Doctor there was a future between them.

William: You think so? yes.

Toby: I hope so.

William: End of the chase eh? Maybe.(William laughs)

- From the Romans commentary.

Gorgeous Jackie in ‘the Blue Parrot’.

Gorgeous Jackie in ‘the Blue Parrot’.

Jacqueline Hill in the Blue Parrot (1953)

Jacqueline Hill and Dermot Walsh in the Blue Parrot (1953)