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"As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves."- First Doctor.
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The Doctor and Steven at the discotheque! 

Haunted house shenanigans.

Bill and Carole

Steven volunteers to make the last move of the game in ‘the Celestial Toymaker’ so that the Doctor and Dodo can escape. The Doctor of course won’t allow it.

A really great scene from ‘The Daleks’. This was one of the many reasons we got so invested in the One era because it perfectly captures what we look for in stories- characters making their own choices, their own opportunities, facing fears, working as a team, being forced to act outside your comfort zone. Ian and Barbara are very much at the focus of these early prison cell scenes as the Doctor is overcome with radiation sickness and they are faced with many challenges. The Daleks have allowed one of them to get the drugs from the forest but Barbara and the Doctor are too ill, and Ian can’t use his legs. Susan is terrified but knows she has to be brave and go and face her fears. Ian is overcome with irritability that he is forced to send his pupil, a fifteen year old into the danger. Barbara doesn’t want Susan to go either as she’s concerned for her safety, but choices have to be made and time is running out. Ian encourages Susan and she does something incredibly brave with it, and all alone for the first time. 

Cliffhangers of the First era- Mission to the Unknown/the Myth Makers

Mission to the Unknown- Marc Cory is killed. The aliens come together at the conference to pledge their allegiance with the Daleks.They declare to conquer the Earth first.

Temple of Secrets- The Doctor is told by Odysseus that the TARDIS has vanished into thin air!

Small Prophet, Quick Return- Cassandra’s guards advance on Vicki and Steven. 

Death of a spy- the Trojan horse is wheeled into the city.

Horse of Destruction- The Doctor says he will miss Vicki and then determines he must find a place to get drugs for the injured Steven. He puts the ship into flight for the next journey…

Barbara comforts Susan in ‘the Daleks’

Barbara: So we’re not home then?

Their reactions are so heartbreaking as they look at each other with utter disappointment. 

  • STEVEN: You ought to be ashamed of yourself!
  • VICKI: I don't see why! At least I've done something towards getting us out of here, which is more than you have.
  • STEVEN: And what chance have I had?
  • VICKI: Anyway, I thought he was rather nice.
  • STEVEN: Oh, you made that painfully obvious! And I think you might at least have had the decency to have saved me some food!
  • (After Vicki flirts with Troilus in the Myth Makers)

Vicki convinces the Doctor to help Ian and Barbara get back home in ‘The Chase’

Keys of Marinus/The Celestial Toymaker