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"As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves."- First Doctor.
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Barbara in ‘the Romans’

IAN: Just a minute. You say we’ve gone back in time?
DOCTOR: Yes, quite so.
IAN: So that when we go out of that door, we won’t be in a junkyard, in London, in England, in the year 1963…

The magical moment the first ever companions step outside the TARDIS for their first ever adventure in time and space.

Ian and Barbara in the historicals.

The First Doctor and the lapel grab.

The Web Planet

K and C’s favourite Doctor Who episodes/serials (in no particular order)

The Sensorites

We absolutely love this story. It’s got a fantastic atmosphere to it, and the design of the ship is amazing. There’s these really well shot sequences of the team wandering through amazingly lit corridors waiting to see what’s around the corner. And there’s these really effective silences that are so creepy, the music cutting out and a minute of silence before a Sensorite appears at the window.

It’s a great serial for character stuff, with an interesting look at Susan’s telepathy, and a scene which reveals her first description of her home world. She also fights with the Doctor because she wants to have a say and make her own decisions. There’s also great team bonding with some rather lovely humour and teasing.

And we love the Sensorites, they’re a great alien race, a gentle peaceful species who are worried that the humans are going to take their precious mineral. It’s an interesting look at an alien race, and it’s so wonderful to see them all working together to stop the poisoning, and to achieve a trust between them. And to stop the evil Sensorite and the evil few humans who are the real threat! 

K and C’s favourite Doctor Who episodes/serials (In no particular order)

Invasion of the Dinosaurs

What we love most about this serial is that they made it.

Seriously, with such a tiny budget it would have been easier to run for the hills than try and have dinosaurs in your story but Classic Who embraced it and gave us a delightful and exciting story. 

The dinosaurs are great, they remind us of the dino monster things in the old chewits adverts but that’s not a bad thing.  And the environmental theme of this serial really adds an extra layer to it, providing some great character stuff, and excellent conflicts. The shift as Sarah’s story develops is really interesting. And then Yates! Ah. No. 

All in all an ambitious and exciting, fun serial with a serious, and deep side. 

  • Vicki: You know Doctor, I'm getting quite fond of Zombo.
  • Doctor: What?
  • Vicki: Zombo! It's his name, I gave it to him. He's quite cute isn't he when he's like this?
  • Doctor: I haven't noticed it before, my dear, but since you mention it....No I don't think so!
  • Vicki: I've told you before not to judge by appearances.
  • Doctor: I'll buy you a collar for him at the next stop.

The Massacre

K and C’s favourite Doctor Who episodes/serials (In no particular order)

The Time Meddler

The first Hartnell story we ever watched and we really loved it even though we had absolutely no idea who any of the people were. When we watched it again, knowing the Doctor and Steven and Vicki, we loved it ten times more. It’s an absolutely hilarious story with some of the greatest lines ‘Space Helmet for a cow?’ anyone. It’s also the first time we get to see someone of the Doctor’s own race, and what a great comedy duo the Doctor and the Monk make.

It’s full of great history, messing with time, Steven and Vicki banter, sceptical newcomer Steven getting used to complexities and surprises of time travel, and a very exciting cliff-hanger when we see the Monk’s TARDIS for the first time. It’s truly brilliant.

K and C’s favourite Doctor Who episodes/serials (In no particular order)


Knights. Arthurian legends, Jean Marsh playing Morgaine, The Brigadier is back, sword fighting, Brigadier Bambera, lots of action, and lots of fun. 

Honestly don’t know what to say about this one other than we enjoy the hell out of it and it reminds us of our childhood.