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Keys of Marinus/The Celestial Toymaker

A wonderful and dramatic scene from ‘the Daleks’ Master Plan- Counter Plot’

The Time Meddler/The Daleks’ Master Plan.

The Daleks’ Master Plan- Day of Armageddon. 

Barbara’s turn to try and persuade the Doctor to help them get home using the Dalek time machine.

Ian and the Doctor argue when Ian and Barbara reveal they want to go home. Such a powerful scene.

Cliffhangers of the First era- Galaxy 4

Four Hundred Dawns- The Doctor and Steven look at the astral map where the Doctor discovers that there is only 2 dawns left until the explosion of the planet- and not fourteen as the Drahvins had predicted.

Trap of Steel- Vicki screams as she sees a pair of eyes watching her.

Airlock- Steven is trapped in the airlock and faces a choice between what he thinks are killer chumblies on the outside, and the evil Maaga on the inside. Maaga removes the air from the chamber.

Exploding Planet- Vicki and the Doctor look at the scanner and muse about an unknown planet on the screen. This leads directly into a teaser scene for the beginning of the next story 'Mission to the Unknown.’

The Doctor, Ian, and Barbara in ‘the Rescue’. 

The School bell woke Barbara up. She slowly opened her eyes and looked around, annoyed at herself for having fallen asleep in one of the few free periods she had in her timetable. She ought to be up and about, marking essays and preparing classes she reminded herself- not dozing off in one of the comfortable armchairs in the staff room at Coal Hill School.[…] She had a difficult period with class 4B for whom the American war of independence had been a good excuse to start an ink pellet battle. She looked anxiously at her watch and then breathed a sigh of relief, she still had 40 minutes before her class on the Aztecs of South America.

She glanced across the staff room at Ian Chesterton and allowed herself a small smile as she saw that he too was in his chair fast asleep. Suddenly she realised Ian shouldn’t be asleep, ‘doesn’t he have a class right now’. If the headmaster found he’d missed his class because he was having forty winks, there would be all hell to pay. Barbara got up and crossed over to the slumbering science teacher.

'Mr Chesterton?' she said shaking him by the shoulders. 'Ian, wake up.' But Ian merely muttered and carried on sleeping. Barbara turned around sharply as she registered the presence of another person standing at the other end of the room.

(From the Edge of Destruction Audiobook)

In the audiobook of the serial, it becomes clear that Ian and Barbara were convinced they were in Coal Hill School at the beginning of the serial, and that the TARDIS was the staff room.

Peter Purves in various Doctor Who related segments on Blue Peter