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"As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves."- First Doctor.
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Cliffhangers of the First era- The Web Planet

The Web Planet- The Doctor is distraught when he realises his TARDIS has been taken. “My ship…my TARDIS!”

The Zarbi- The Doctor is pushed under a communications device to talk with the animus.

Escape to Danger- Ian and Vrestrin head toward a cleft in the rock face. Ian is buried under the falling dust.

Crater of Needles- Barbara and the Menoptra are cornered by approaching Zarbi.

The Invasion- the Doctor and Vicki are covered in a mass of cobwebs.

The Centre- The TARDIS team leave and in a rare ending in the early days, the serial ends with the other characters, the Menoptra welcoming their fellow beings back onto their world, raising their arms out to the stars.

"It was a deliberate decision. I’m a restless soul, I suppose. I never like to stay too long in one thing and just wanted to get out. […] Poor Bill was horrified, he couldn’t understand what I was doing and why I wanted to go. I said ‘Well Bill, it’s part of my nature’ I’m a butterfly if you like; I like to do a bit of film and a bit of theatre…I don’t like it when I suddenly sort of find myself in a nine to five job that’s going on and on, and that’s what happened with Doctor Who."

Jacqueline Hill’s character Barbara left the series at the same time. “That was entirely a coincidence. I said that I would leave and I think Jackie wanted to spend more time at home and she wanted to have children. She started thinking about it and decided it would be a rather good idea if we went at the same time. […] When I knew that Jackie was going I said, ‘Why don’t we do a play together?’ We did a tour of ‘Separate Tables’. We started in Leeds and it was great fun. Inevitably the posters declared ‘featuring the stars of television’s Doctor Who’

- William Russell on leaving Doctor Who (DWM, 1995), and the poster for Separate Tables:

Cliffhangers of the First era- The Rescue/The Romans

The Powerful Enemy- Spikes come out of the wall after Ian activates a booby trap and he is pushed towards the edge of the cliff where a growling creature waits below.

Desperate Measures- After Vicki joins the TARDIS team, the ship makes a landing, but does so on the edge of a cliff. It starts to fall…

The Slave Traders- an assassin waits outside the Doctor’s room ready to surprise him.

All Roads Lead to Rome- Ian and Delos are told they’re to fight in the arena and look outside the window to see hungry lions.

Conspiracy- Nero orders Delos to cut off Ian’s head during their fight in the arena. Barbara is horrified as the sword begins to descend upon Ian. 

Inferno- Safely back from their adventure in Rome, the Doctor tells Ian that the TARDIS has been dragged down somewhere by some unknown force.

First era and hiding

Cliffhangers of the First era- The Dalek Invasion of Earth

World’s End- Ian and the Doctor try to escape the Robo-men by rushing toward the river, but as they do, a Dalek rises from the Thames.

The Daleks- The Doctor is placed under a machine, ready to be robotised. 

Day of Reckoning- The Robo-men place a bomb right where Susan, David, and the Doctor are hiding, in an attempt to destroy London.

The End of Tomorrow- The Slyther creature chases Ian and Larry, leading them to the edge of the mine shaft with nowhere else to go.

The Walking Ally- Ian is trapped inside the Dalek bomb and tries to escape as the bomb is lowered down the shaft.

Flashpoint- No cliffhanger lead into the next story as it is Susan’s goodbye. The last shot is of Susan’s TARDIS key left behind in the Earth’s soil which then fades into an image of stars.

The Doctor interrupts David and Susan getting close!

Cliffhangers of the First era- Planet of Giants

Planet of Giants- Sammy the cat notices the little miniature team TARDIS and stares at them. We don’t think the Doctor is eager to be part of the cat’s diet.

Dangerous Journey- The Doctor and Susan are trapped in the pipe as the sink begins to fill with water.

Crisis- As the ship begins to materialise, the Doctor looks at the scanner screen which is all fuzzy. The title for the next episode appears on the scanner.

It was marvellous, it was really fun. To start with, I remember we rehearsed in some terrible church hall. As we became more successful, we went to Riverside which was really nice, we had it all there. It was a busy week because you didn’t get a lot of time off, but we had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs all the time. And we all got on very well which I think was one of those happy accidents of chemistry, really. The four of us got on and Verity got on with us so it was all very open- if we didn’t like something we said so. When Dennis Spooner came in as script editor he was wonderful; you could go and buttonhole Dennis and say, ‘I can’t say this’ and he’d say, ‘oh well give me five minutes.’ He’d come back and the script would be much better.
William Russell (DWM, 1995)

Cliffhangers of the First era- The Reign of Terror

A Land of Fear- The farmhouse is set on fire, and the Doctor is trapped inside.

Guests of Madame Guillotine- Ian watches in horror from the bars of his prison cell, knowing Barbara and Susan are being led to the guillotine.

A Change of Identity- the Shopkeeper betrays the Doctor by showing the jailer the Doctor’s ring.

The Tyrant of France- Ian is led into a trap and held at gunpoint by Leon.

A Bargain of Necessity- Jules believes the Doctor has sent Lematire around and betrayed them.

Prisoners of Conciergerie- The Doctor muses that their destiny is in the stars, bringing season one to an end. Doctor Who has survived its first year and is here to stay!

Cliffhangers of the First era- The Sensorites

Strangers in Space- Silence falls upon the ship as Ian looks out at the window to see the Sensorite peering in.

The Unwilling Warriors- Susan bravely agrees to go down with the Sensorites to their planet.

Hidden Danger- Ian collapses after drinking the poisoned water on the Sense-Sphere

A Race Against Death- Venturing into the dark and creepy aqueduct alone, the Doctor is greeted by a loud growling noise.

Kidnap- Carol is snatched by one of the Sensorites.

A Desperate Venture- After making a quip about the Doctor’s piloting of the ship, Ian and Barbara are told by the peeved Doctor that they are to be thrown of the ship at its next landing!

Cliffhangers of the First era- The Aztecs

Temple of Evil- Dramatic close-up of Tlotoxl declaring about Barbara ‘I shall destroy her!!’

The Warriors of Death- Tlotoxl tells Barbara that if she really is Yetaxa she should be able to save the nearly unconscious, and about to be killed Ian.

The Bride of Sacrifice- Ian is trapped in the tomb as it begins filling with water!

The Day of Darkness- Back in the TARDIS, ready for a new adventure, the Doctor notes the ship has landed but there is still readings of movement. Barbara queries that perhaps they’ve landed inside something…

Cliffhangers of the First era- The Keys of Marinus

The Sea of Death- Ian finds Barbara’s travel dial and dramatically declares that ‘there’s blood on it!’

The Velvet Web- Susan goes off to the next location which is the jungle. She’s terrified and screams when she hears voices and high pitched screeching.

The Screaming Jungle- Transported to a new location, Ian and Barbara cuddle together in the snow, too cold to move.

The Snows of Terror- Ian is knocked on the head by an unknown assailant who then then starts to take the micro key from its case.

Sentence of Death- Barbara receives a phone call from Susan who is being held hostage and chillingly tells her ‘they’re going to kill me.’

The Keys of Marinus- Instead of a lead in to the next story, we have an adorable scene where Ian coaxes Barbara into the TARDIS and we’re left with the image of Marinus and its island.

Cliffhangers of the First era- Marco Polo (with lovely colour pics from the Loose Cannon recons)

The Roof of the World- Tegana talks about collecting the TARDIS and bringing the Khan to his knees.

The Singing Sands- Tegana pours water that they desperately need onto the ground.

The Cave of 500 eyes- The eyes on the wall of the cave move according to a terrified Susan.

The Wall of Lies- Ian breaks out of the tent only to find the dead body of the guard.

Rider from Shang-Tu- After a quick goodbye to Ping Cho, Susan is grabbed by Tegana.

Mighty Kublai Khan- Tegana grabs Ping Cho, and Ian holds a man at knifepoint, threatening to kill him. Tegana taunts him.

Assassin at Peking- Not technically a cliffhanger but Marco Polo ponders about where the travellers are going next as the stars fade over the image of our team in their beloved time machine.

Cliffhangers of the First era- The Edge of Destruction

Edge of Destruction- Someone’s hands begin to strangle the Doctor! (Surprised it hadn’t happened sooner.)

The Brink of Disaster- After an adorable snow ball fight between new happier team TARDIS, Susan and Barbara discover a giant footprint in the snow.