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"As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves."- First Doctor.
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PING CHO: Gracious maidens, gentle lords
Pray attend me while I tell my tale
Of Ala-eddin, the Old Man of the Mountain
Who by devious schemes, evil designs
And foul murders ruled the land….

The team gather around (being utterly adorable in the process) and watch Ping Cho as she does her recital. It’s a lovely scene,Ping Cho is wonderful, and her words very beautiful. It’s so nice to have our team sitting there enjoying her performance and looking so happy. 

DOCTOR: It seems we shall be stopping here for a while - it means I can get on with more work.
IAN: Huh?
DOCTOR: Oh, repairing the circuit, young man.
IAN: Aren’t you forgetting something, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Don’t you realise they will be much less vigilant? I shall be able to sneak into the TARDIS, no worry at all!
IAN: Yes, but you’ve given Marco Polo the key.
DOCTOR: A key, my boy, a key. What use do you think it’s going to be to him? Hmmm? And where do you suppose I got that from?  IAN: I have no idea.
DOCTOR: I made it.
IAN: Made it? When?
DOCTOR: On the night of the oasis. Only chance I had - she knows all about it, don’t you Susan?
IAN:You crafty old fox!

Adorable shrunken TARDIS 1964.

They look like they’re getting married. 

SUSAN: Water! Look! Water!
DOCTOR: Please wait - we must be careful.
MARCO: This is in your caravan?
DOCTOR: Yes, but it’s not pure water you see…
MARCO: You told me you weren’t carrying any Doctor!
DOCTOR: I haven’t got any water, don’t you understand. I wouldn’t allow us to get into this state if I had water, young man. No this was the water that was running off the walls. It’s condensation, it’s unbelievable! Condensation, do you understand?
MARCO: No, I do not understand!
DOCTOR: Chesterton, make him understand! It was condensation off the walls and I…
MARCO: (Furious.) The old man lied to me!
IAN: Marco, you remember, last night it was cold. Bitterly cold, Marco. The outside of the caravan cooled, but the inside stayed warm - and so moisture formed on the inside. It’s condensation, we just call it that. It’s just a name.
SUSAN: That’s true, Messr Marco. It was running down the walls, and from the ceiling. We took it in this.
DOCTOR: You understand now? Hmm?

More educational stuff here in episode three.  The Doctor solves the lack of water problem when he and Susan discover water running down the TARDIS walls. TARDIS to the rescue. Marco is furious with the Doctor and won’t believe him, luckily Ian and Susan are there to help, and the Doctor asks Ian to explain about condensation. 

Some favourite Vicki lines

Some favourite Ian lines.

IAN: Without water the Doctor isn’t going to last 24 hours.

MARCO: None of us are Ian, without water.Our fate rests with Tegana.

TEGANA: Here’s water Marco Polo! (pours the water onto the ground) Come for it!

At the end of ‘the Singing Sands’ the water has run out, the Doctor has collapsed, and things look very bleak indeed. Their fate lies in Tegana, but he pours the much needed water away.

Have I made the right decision? Each day our progress becomes less. On the first day, we covered 20 miles. On the second, 15. The third, 10. The fourth day’s total was 8. Now on the fifth day we have travelled only two miles before the heat has forced us to stop. We are nearly exhausted and our situation is perilous.

- Marco Polo (the Singing Sands)

We really love the narration in the form of the diary entries of Marco’s progress through the story. Its a really lovely way of moving the story forward and telling us vital information. We love that this story is such an epic adventure, taking place over several weeks just as the serial does. You really get a sense of the danger at every turn and the survival nature of the piece. 

The sandstorm scenes in the serial are really very dramatic and really atmospheric. Barbara is terrified about Susan and Ping Cho and she rushes to go save them, having to be forcibly restrained by Ian because its too dangerous. The feelings of protection that Barbara has for Susan are so wonderful. She then yells at Marco and Ian in frustration. Ian then starts to get irritable with Marco and keeps on asking if he can go and find them yet, worried for their safety and desperate to go out for them. 

Meanwhile we hear the terrifying screams and panic of Ping Cho and Susan, and the intrusive noise of the battering sand storm. It’s really intense, and as you hear the calling of a distant ‘Su-san’, the girls realise that it is not Ian who has come to save them but it is Tegana, standing on a sand dune, the sand mist spread across the image of him high above them. It looks like an amazing image.