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"As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves."- First Doctor.
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Hi just read your post. Really hope you’ll continue watching it and give it a chance. The thing is, you’re looking at it from what you know of it now. The TARDIS being out of control here is the fun of it and as you go through every era of Who you’ll see the Doctor evolve and change and so will his TARDIS. The TARDIS being broken provides the story for Ian and Barbara and as they can’t get home, they have to put up with him. If you continue watching you’ll see they start to change him. This relationship is one of the best things about the first era. The Doctor is grumpy but he also is funny, sweet and a great character. Don’t give up on him because he’s not like some of the others and the same with the companions, honestly they are some of the best.

You said that you didn’t see conclusions but these early stories being longer used way more explanation than they do now. They had to escape the Dalek cell with just anything around them, they used their brains and they had no devices to get them out of places. The stories are still good now, we don’t feel they’re outdated because we still adore them and each story has a great plot, development and greater meaning in the history of the programme. This era is the first ever for Daleks, Cybermen and the only one with lots of historicals.

Also the episode you’re on now is an interesting one which actually relates to New Who quite well in exploring the TARDIS being alive. Remember in the 60’s they were filmed ‘as live’ so this episode may seem strange but it was a chance to really let the actors shine in that one set. The characters develop a great deal in this story, especially Barbara and actually this episode marks the new found respect for team TARDIS and if you carry on watching you may see that the next episodes the team are more friendly and relaxed with one another.

Anyway that’s just our thoughts, we just think it’ll be a shame if you stop watching because of the things you said. We love New Who but this is now our favourite era and time of the show and we love everything that follows after it too. Classic Who can take a while to get into the pace and style but you may find that you get really into it like a lot of us Classic Who fans have done. :) 


part 10 of Ian becomes Lancelot is…being all Roman next to a white haired man with a jug.

We posted this in June (where has the time gone?) but the resemblance is uncanny. Oh man.


proof that Ian Chesterton went back in time and became Lancelot…

Part 1…totally ‘platonic’ kissing.

re-blogging stuff from the days of early blogging. May start to do more of our Lancelot/Ian comparisons, they were stupid and fun.

I have a friend, a very wise, well-traveled man who spoke to me on the subject of religion once. In the West, three main streams dominate: Mohammedanism, Judaism and Christianity. In the East, the Hindu, the Buddhist and the Muslim rival Janism, Sikhism, Parsee and Shinto. But what is the sum total? That all people everywhere, believe there is something mightier than themselves. Call it Brahma, Alla or God - only the name changes. The little Negro child will say his prayers and imagine his God to be in his colour. The French child hopes his prayers will be answered - in French. We are all children in this matter still and will always be - until colours, languages, customs, rule and fashion find a meeting ground.

Ian Chesterton to Saladin in the novelisation of The Crusaders by David Whittaker (via reversingpolarity)

Think we really need to read this again, that is wonderful.



Companion Spam | Ian Chesterton (First Doctor)

I will never say ‘no’ to this picture on my dash.

 need…on…page…now..cannot stop staring…

"I think Vedirioi’s quite a dish myself!" Barbara said.

"Barbara!" Ian exclaimed.

"Well he is," she faltered. 

"Hold on a second, what do you mean he?”


Under the circumstances Barbara was glad she made the sensible decision to think of Ecsilo as another woman rather than a handsome young man. From the look on Ian’s face as he embraced Vedirioi he was still having some trouble reconciling himself to the Torcaldians biology.

-It would seem that Barbara is much more comfortable than Ian when Susan tells them that the aliens are Hermaphrodites, poor Ian has to change the subject every two minutes…

In the original script Ian was going to be annoyed with Vicki for not locking the TARDIS door and berate her cruelly!! (glad they changed it, thats not our Ian)

Vicki responds with the text on the picture.

Ian: I should not hide in the TARDIS wardrobe when I know Barbara will be changing.

Ian: I should not hide in the TARDIS wardrobe when I know Barbara will be changing.

Artwork completed by Jeff Cummins in the 70’s for a Doctor Who calender which was never produced.

'The Chase' info text tells us stuff that really disappoints. They could have actually had the Beatles in the episode acting!  

This would have been AMAZING!!

In the original Draft of ’The Chase’ the Aridians feed the Doctor with Mire Beast hence the caption above from the info text.

Hahaha, they should have kept that in.

Our favourite Companions, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright, with much love…

Their thoughts:

Dad: why are there weird cutty out jigsaw things?

Us: Dad that’s a forest. (For a man who was used to this kind of TV as a child he has a problem figuring out old special effects and sets.)

Mum: What’s happened to his hair (Meaning the Doctor) it looks stupid.

Dad: Is it called the petrified forest because Susan is about to get all scared? Get it? Get it? (he then laughs at his own joke)

Mum: Their clothes are so old fashioned…

Us: you know this is the 60’s..

Mum: YES cleverclogs but still…cardigans.

Us: Ian Chesterton makes cardigans sexy and besides guys wear them all the time now since it became ‘cool’.

Dad laughs at the stone monster thing.

Us: don’t even comment.

Mum: Why is he calling him Chesterfield?

Us: Cos he gets his name wrong a lot.

Dad laughs at William Hartnell fluffing and saying to Susan ‘The effects outside are effecting you..um..’

Mum: (About the Doctor) His hair is really annoying me now.

On first glimpse of Dalek plunger.

Dad: Hmm.

Silence and that’s it no further comments. Wow it must have made such an impact on them and they call themselves TV fans.