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30 days of summer break Doctor Who- Day 25- What weird rooms or objects do you think are in the TARDIS?

The main thing we like to believe is in there, is the time and space visualiser that the Doctor acquired from ‘The Chase’ in which he used as a time television that could look at any point in history. He used it to watch Ian and Barbara arrive home and we like to imagine that still, in the TARDIS, tucked away in a room, caked in dust is the machine where he secretly goes to whenever he’s alone and likes to see what all his companions are getting up to; he never talks about them because he doesn’t need to…he watches them from time to time.

There is a wardrobe definitely which is probably filled with not only the Doctor’s outfits but also Jamie’s kilts, Jo’s knee high boots, Ian’s kimono has to be in there somewhere next to Rose’s purple top that she left behind. There is also the companions bedrooms still as they left them and the food machine which probably broke down in the 60’s and the Doctor hasn’t bothered to repair it.

There has to be a museum of sorts. In the Edge of Destruction audio book, Ian is described as walking through corridor upon corridor in the TARDIS coming across old paintings, artefacts and random rubbish. We like to think The Doctor may have tidied it up a bit since the sixties and everything is in some sort of catalogued museum or it could just look like another Totter’s lane.  Probably there would also be as shown in ‘The Doctor’s wife’ some old TARDIS consoles in case he needs to revert back to a previous style.

And on a dark thought there is some sort of prison lurking deep amongst the engine rooms; it’s not a normal prison but merely there in case the Doctor encounters any fugitives and needs a place to keep them; he did offer to keep the Master as his prisoner after all, there are probably rooms on the TARDIS that even the Doctor himself doesn’t know about; wouldn’t surprise us if there was a genesis ark lurking as well…

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    30 days of summer break Doctor Who- Day 25- What weird rooms or objects do you think are in the TARDIS? The main thing...
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