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"As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves."- First Doctor.

30 day summer break Doctor Who-day 23 fav villain?

classic series- Davros. When we were kids we remember we used to be terrified of his hysterical screaming. we weren’t scared of the Daleks but the man who created them…sure…especially him and Nyder in Genesis of the Daleks, a villainous pair and whenever Davros returned we would remember how we felt the first time we saw him, shrieking and slowly emerging in the bottom dalek casing all mutated and evil. wow.

New Series- Rickston Slade from Voyage of the Damned, not really a full out villain but a representation of the worst people can be. he would probably sacrifice his mother to save himself and a character driven by pure greed and selfishess. He laughed when others died but then sobbed like a baby when he nearly died and when you thought he may have learnt from his ordeal you find that he CANNOT change, all he cared about was that he had become rich at the expense of hundreds of deaths.  its an interesting character clash between him and Mr. Copper who will go on to set up the subwave network with his millions where as Rickston will represent the worst of qualities, greed and power. An obscure answer but to us the worst kind of person.

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