Unwilling Adventurer

Katie and Claire.

-First Doctor era obsessed, Ian and Barbara worshippers, William Russell devotees,The Adventures of Sir Lancelot fans.

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"As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves."- First Doctor.

Reasons to love the Hartnell era:


This may seem like a weird depressing choice but it’s always been a reason why we like the era so much. It dealt with death and heartache in a subtle mature way. The era was never afraid to show gruesome death and torture but they handled it deftly and with sensitivity rather than bombarding you with horrific injury or blood.

Katarina and Sara could very well have been long term companions but they were really the first main characters to be ‘sacrificed’ in the Doctors name. We finally realise that travelling with the Doctor doesn’t mean that you’ll survive and also that anyone the Doctor meets could die. Katarina was sweet, she idolised the Doctor and she was brave, never questioning why but believing the Doctor was right and true.  Sara grew as a character from a woman with mystery and harshness into an ally for the Doctor and Steven. 

The Hartnell era despite originally being aimed at kids is very dark and has a high death count, this era is dangerous. The Dalek Invasion of Earth is one of our favourites because the way it deals with the struggle to survive and moving on against all odds when most people you care about are dead. Larry in the Dalek Invasion of Earth spends the serial looking for his brother and when he finds he is a robo man there is a beautiful and horrifying moment where they kill each other. At the last second as the robo man dies, he utters “Larry”, finally recognising his brother…and they die together.

It’s moments like this that make you realise how deep a programme can be. Doctor Who doesn’t always have to be happy and eccentric and action, it can also be sad and thoughtful and reflective.