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Expect a lot of writing and One era gushing. Feel free to say hi!

"As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves."- First Doctor.
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Tom and Harriet (Harriet’s Back in Town)

Tom is not impressed with his breakfast. (Harriet’s Back in Town)


Happy Earth Day with Team One! ;)

  • Sida: Was Dodo your girlfriend?
  • Steven: No, a friend...I think...
  • Sida: She must have been more than that, you named a daughter after her.


favorite team tardis? Barbara, Ian, & Susan.


"I’d blast ya down as soon as spit at ya!"

The Gunfighters - season 03 - 1966

My favorite under-appreciated Doctor Who episodes → The Chase
You don’t mean that, do you? Where’s your spirit of adventure?”
"It died a slow and painful death when those bats came out of the rafters."

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First and Susan :)

that shelf in the background o nthe photo of you damn. i mean also you two damn
unwillingadventurer unwillingadventurer Said:

Lol, yes the stuff on that shelf is very special! And thanks hehe!



Oh shit, it’s on.


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Ian Chesterton wearing the Third Doctor’s frilly shirt in The Reign of Terror. 

You’re welcome.

We both have a Captain Von Trapp obsession. We have fallen in love with him in so many productions of the Sound of Music that we’ve lost count. We just watched the TV live production with Carrie Underwood, and the Von Trapp was so swoonworthy it was insane. Just when you think you can’t find a more attractive Von Trapp, another one appears and you love them all. 

Barbara in ‘the Romans’