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"As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves."- First Doctor.

Chairman of the Governors


Chairman of the Governors

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I love your dr who fanfictions. Particularly your barbara/ian fanfictions. They are cute!
unwillingadventurer unwillingadventurer Said:

Aww thank you anon <3

We wrote a story in August about Ian and Barbara at Coal Hill pre Unearthly Child, and we were just re-reading it and we forgot it had a scene with a caretaker in it and now we can only picture it as Twelve. So it was the Doctor that stopped Ian asking Barbara on a date all along!

“What is it, Ian?”

Ian ran his hand through his thick hair and looked away from her glance. “Well I was wondering- if you’re not busy, maybe we could…”

They were interrupted at that crucial moment by the caretaker who had come into the room to empty the dustbin. The man was smirking slightly as he apologised and slipped past them to the corner of the room, glancing back nosily at the pair.

“Sorry, Ian, what was it you were saying?”

Ian looked over at the caretaker, and then at Barbara. He stammered. “Oh nothing. Let’s walk out together shall we? I’ll give you a lift home if you like.”

The car pulled up at Barbara’s house a short half an hour later and Barbara hesitated before she got out. “Is there something wrong? You’re awfully quiet this evening.”

Ian forced a smile, not wanting to let on that he was annoyed with the caretaker’s interruption. 

The Doctor and Steven at the discotheque! 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Can you comment on the Maggie Stables passing? All the other big Who blogs have and it feels like you're ignoring her.
unwillingadventurer unwillingadventurer Said:

So because we haven’t done a post about it, we’re ignoring her? Actually we were very sad to hear the news, we don’t know much about her but enjoyed the few audios we listened to that featured Evelyn. Not really sure why you need to phrase it like this, it’s our blog and we shouldn’t be made to feel guilty about what we do and don’t post. 

Haunted house shenanigans.

The Big Chance 1957

The Big Chance 1957

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Drahvins talking about Doctor & his companions

Doctor Who - Galaxy 4 (1965)

Part 3 - Air Lock

Bill and Carole

Steven volunteers to make the last move of the game in ‘the Celestial Toymaker’ so that the Doctor and Dodo can escape. The Doctor of course won’t allow it.

Asker upslapmeal Asks:
I found it kinda funny at first but that house of horrors got surprisingly creepy! Oh One, you do overthink things don't you :) Ian being terrified but having to pretend not to be was hilarious though, what with his sense of adventure dying a death when the bats came out the rafters...but poor Vicki! And it was seeeriously creepy to hear One's voice saying "of course my dear fellow, infiltrate and kill"...
unwillingadventurer unwillingadventurer Said:

We really love that episode because it’s so fun and yeah a little creepy too


That Ian line about his sense of adventure is so good. Poor Ian baby pretending he’s not scared. :)

Ah you’re getting close to the end of the Chase now…