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"As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves."- First Doctor.

William Russell as Ramsey in Above us the Waves


thanks for that, TARDIS Wiki
that’s all I needed to know about 1965 Hartnell historical The Romans

He really does love those grapes though :)


thanks for that, TARDIS Wiki

that’s all I needed to know about 1965 Hartnell historical The Romans

He really does love those grapes though :)


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waaboozikwe said: This bit of conversation from William Russell makes me think he might have done more episodes as Lancelot if the show’s producers had not stopped it do to prohibitive expense. Is this true?

It does seem that way. Though further in the interview he does say it was probably for the best because it gave him the opportunity to do other things. We think he’d  probably have done one more series and then left. He says in every interview that he’s never done more than 2 years in one acting job because he likes to always move on, so it never would have been a long running series but one more would have been quite nice, shame we never got it :( 

Cliffhangers of the First era- The Web Planet

The Web Planet- The Doctor is distraught when he realises his TARDIS has been taken. “My ship…my TARDIS!”

The Zarbi- The Doctor is pushed under a communications device to talk with the animus.

Escape to Danger- Ian and Vrestrin head toward a cleft in the rock face. Ian is buried under the falling dust.

Crater of Needles- Barbara and the Menoptra are cornered by approaching Zarbi.

The Invasion- the Doctor and Vicki are covered in a mass of cobwebs.

The Centre- The TARDIS team leave and in a rare ending in the early days, the serial ends with the other characters, the Menoptra welcoming their fellow beings back onto their world, raising their arms out to the stars.

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125 plays
Big Finish Productions,
Doctor Who: The First Wave


Oliver’s touching speech from “The First Wave” about Doctor’s first regeneration

"It was a deliberate decision. I’m a restless soul, I suppose. I never like to stay too long in one thing and just wanted to get out. […] Poor Bill was horrified, he couldn’t understand what I was doing and why I wanted to go. I said ‘Well Bill, it’s part of my nature’ I’m a butterfly if you like; I like to do a bit of film and a bit of theatre…I don’t like it when I suddenly sort of find myself in a nine to five job that’s going on and on, and that’s what happened with Doctor Who."

Jacqueline Hill’s character Barbara left the series at the same time. “That was entirely a coincidence. I said that I would leave and I think Jackie wanted to spend more time at home and she wanted to have children. She started thinking about it and decided it would be a rather good idea if we went at the same time. […] When I knew that Jackie was going I said, ‘Why don’t we do a play together?’ We did a tour of ‘Separate Tables’. We started in Leeds and it was great fun. Inevitably the posters declared ‘featuring the stars of television’s Doctor Who’

- William Russell on leaving Doctor Who (DWM, 1995), and the poster for Separate Tables:

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Cliffhangers of the First era- The Rescue/The Romans

The Powerful Enemy- Spikes come out of the wall after Ian activates a booby trap and he is pushed towards the edge of the cliff where a growling creature waits below.

Desperate Measures- After Vicki joins the TARDIS team, the ship makes a landing, but does so on the edge of a cliff. It starts to fall…

The Slave Traders- an assassin waits outside the Doctor’s room ready to surprise him.

All Roads Lead to Rome- Ian and Delos are told they’re to fight in the arena and look outside the window to see hungry lions.

Conspiracy- Nero orders Delos to cut off Ian’s head during their fight in the arena. Barbara is horrified as the sword begins to descend upon Ian. 

Inferno- Safely back from their adventure in Rome, the Doctor tells Ian that the TARDIS has been dragged down somewhere by some unknown force.


William Hartnell et al rehearsing ‘An Unearthly Child’ (1963)

First era and hiding

Fun fact: when I first got into Classic who I googled Ian a lot which led me to your blog which is how I found tumblr
unwillingadventurer unwillingadventurer Said:

Ah that’s so cool, glad you found tumblr through our blog and through searching for Ian things, yay. We actually had a similar experience in finding tumblr. We were always googling Ian and Barbara and then found the Ian and Barbara tags and found a small little group of people talking about them. Seems so long ago now! :) x